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Date: Oct 12 2016

Mark your calendars! We will have a representative from JPL speaking exclusively to SIAM members on Wednesday, Oct. 12th @ 12pm in POB 6.304. He will be speaking about internship and job opportunities for people who work in computational science and applied mathematics. This should be a good event to hear about things that JPL does other than what everyone knows them for like building & launching rockets (although, I’m sure we’ll talk about that too). Check out the event on Hornslink here. Food will be provided, please RSVP by replying to me so we can get an estimate of how much to buy. As a reminder, if you have not joined the SIAM group on Hornslink then please do so here. Lastly, if you are not on the SIAM listserv (and so are receiving this either by magic or through the CSEM students email) please sign up by going here and clicking “subscribe” down the left column.


Location: Peter O Donnell Building (POB) Room 6.304