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Consider Jobs in Quantitative Finance

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Date:  March, 2nd, 2022 (Wednesday), 3:00-4:00pm (Central Time)

Talk type: In-person | POB 6.304


Talk Title: Consider Jobs in Quantitative Finance

Talk Overview: Folks often overlook opportunities in quantitative finance¬† because the industry is opaque. That’s a shame because individuals with strong computational science skills can find interesting, rewarding careers therein. I will discuss how buy side quantitative finance firms fit into the broader financial industry and what general needs they have. I will give an overview of one such firm, my employer Two Sigma Investments, then touch on my roles there over the past eight years. I will share tidbits from the book “The Laws of Trading” and from my graduate school experience that I frequently find useful. After this talk, attendees will find the industry a bit more transparent and, additionally, will know how they might look for such work.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Rhys Ulerich is the VP and Quantitative Software Engineer at Two Sigma.

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